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About Us

Sadra Insurance has emerged as a new and promising insurance company in Afghanistan, replacing the long-standing Afghan National Insurance. Sadra Insurance is now at the forefront of the insurance industry, providing cutting-edge insurance services.

As a private corporation, Sadra Insurance is committed to delivering professionalism and excellence in the field of insurance. With its fresh approach and innovative solutions, the company aims to create a positive impact on the lives of Afghan residents. Sadra Insurance has quickly become a significant revenue-generating entity for the country, contributing to the government’s financial well-being by offering attractive insurance services to the public while also generating profits for the government.

With assets insured over 3 Billion Afghanis (excluding life and health insurance), Sadra Insurance ensures a safe and secure environment for living, business, and education in Afghanistan. The company takes pride in offering affordable, cost-effective, and transparent insurance policies, providing peace of mind to its valued customers. Through its commitment to customer satisfaction and trustworthiness, Sadra Insurance is steadily gaining the trust and loyalty of the Afghan people.

Our Mission

Our goal is to cultivate a robust and distinct essence, becoming the preferred choice for both customers and employees. We are committed to delivering top-notch services to all stakeholders in the business chain. Additionally, we aim to implement best practices and offer valuable insurance products, setting a high standard in Afghanistan.

Our Vision

Our objective is to grow the insurance market in Afghanistan and establish ourselves as a leading provider of both commercial and personal insurance products, effectively competing in the industry.